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Watch this video to learn more about SIREWALL. We are committed to creating beautiful insulated rammed earth walls that are durable, energy efficient and healthy for you, your home and your family.

This is a wake up call. A cornerstone of healthy living. There is a better way.

SIREWALL Insulated Rammed Earth

For thousands of years, civilizations have been building with rammed earth. Secured wooden forms, filled with damp earth were compacted to create stable walls that have lasted several lifetimes.

SIREWALL® has updated ancient rammed earth processes with a new global standard for durable, healthy and energy efficient buildings and spaces. SIREWALL, is a structural wall system typically 18″ to 24″ thick, stabilized with compacted earth and rebar, with 4″ of rigid insulation hidden in the centre of the wall. Eye-catching, the SIREWALLS are a complete wall system with the strength and beauty of sedimentary sandstone. This distinctive, visceral connection to the earth is also the exterior and interior finish of a SIREWALL building – no sealants, siding or drywall required.  These high performance walls are constructed with a system backed by twenty years of R&D, producing thermal mass and efficiency beyond any other.

Proudly invest in a legacy for future generations

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